MOTOR MVB is a campaign to create opportunities for boys and men to play competitively

Making Opportunities & Transforming Our Reach
Motor MVB expands education opportunities at college and universities so student-athletes can receive scholarships, compete on the court, get a college education, and grow as leaders.
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I am proud we left Rio with a Bronze Medal yet 3rd place makes me hungry to bring back Gold from Tokyo in 2020.  American men have won three gold medals with only 22 Division I universities feeding the talent pipeline.  Just imagine if we had 40 or 50 Division I schools how much we could dominate the world! 
It is an honor to serve as Chairman of the MotorMVB Campaign. Over the next two quadrennials, our goal is to grow the number of opportunities at every level, for men and boys to play our sport. I invite you to join with me and make boys’ and men’s volleyball a philanthropic priority for you and your family.  In order to seize the moment during this amazing time in the sport of volleyball, we seek your guidance, your contacts and your active support. 
John Speraw
Co-Chairman MotorMVB, Head Coach USA Men’s National Team, Head Coach UCLA Men’s Volleyball

What We Do.

Grow Division I and Division II collegiate men’s volleyball

We are laser focused on adding more DI and DII teams and scholarships that among other things will result in bracket expansion for the NCAA Tournament. As we have seen with the remarkable growth of girls volleyball, aspirations for scholarships does drive participation among high school and club players. More opportunities means more participation means more leaders.

Strengthen America’s presence and impact

Being on the global stage is an honor and opportunity to remind the world of our excellence. Building pipeline for future success in international competition is important. And participating at the highest levels provides a chance for our athletes to serve as role models for good sportsmanship, spread goodwill and peace globally, and reinforce the ideas of equal opportunity for all.

Drive growth of DIII, NAIA, and Junior College

We will support initiatives and programs in these areas and be a driver of continued growth. Colleges will continue to add more DIII programs at a relatively low cost and see increased enrollment. NAIA scholarship funding is growing rapidly and we will continue to see regional growth of  Junior College associations and men’s beach.

Increase Awareness and Participation For Boys

Girls participation has led the way as the growth of club indoor and beach volleyball is everywhere. We are dedicated to encouraging boys to experience our awesome sport and providing them with training and competitive opportunities.

Men’s Volleyball News

The First Point Volleyball Foundation ACEs

First Point Volleyball ACEs have each given or pledged $50,000 or more over a 5-year period to First Point Volleyball Foundation. Dollars given by ACEs are the margin of victory needed to spark the creation of new men’s volleyball programs and to sustain and grow existing men’s teams.

First Point Volleyball Foundation Aces as of May 2019

Beal Family Fund of Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Kathy DeBoer & Mark Pittman
Marin & Kate Gjaja
Gentile Family Fund
Junior Volleyball Association (JVA)
Kelly & Pat Goodsel
Dix and Kaleen Jarman
Bruce Lincoln
John & Michelle Speraw
Scott & Adrienne Stowell
Paul Tashima

If you would like to give, get involved in our advocacy, get on our e-mail list, or host/attend events, please call Wade Garard at the MotorMVB Foundation at 317-418-8967 or e-mail Wade at