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Thank You For Your Leadership, AVCA!

Lexington, Ky. (March 16, 2017) – The AVCA Board of Directors has approved a $150,000 contribution to the MotorMVB Foundation, a non-profit created to drive growth in men’s and boys’ volleyball. Contributions will be made during the 2017-2020 quadrennium and will support efforts to identify and encourage colleges and universities to add varsity men’s teams that provide scholarships in men’s volleyball. There are currently 188 colleges sponsoring men’s volleyball programs in the United States, with 12% more boys participating in high school boys volleyball than four years ago.

While they support growth at all levels, the focus of MotorMVB is growth in NCAA Divisions I and II. The efforts started with a feasibility study funded by USA Volleyball with assistance from the AVCA, Sports Imports, Molten, and the North Texas and Southern California Regions. The study included 40 interviews with influential people inside and outside of the volleyball community indicted that there is support for program growth in selected parts of the country and at specific institutions.

“This is the right time for the AVCA to step into a leadership role in this initiative,” said AVCA President and Iowa State University Head Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch. “Our mission is to advance the sport with the AVCA in a leadership role. This means being at the front end of growth initiatives and making an investment before outcomes are assured. A previous board did this when beach volleyball was just a vision and now it is our turn to lead. I’m pleased to report that 100% of our Board members also made individual contributions as demonstration of our commitment to these efforts. We will be engaged in further outreach to the coaching community, asking for both time and resources, as this is an opportunity for all of us to help grow our sport.”

The MotorMVB Foundation’s Board of Directors includes Chairman of the Board John Speraw, head men’s coach at UCLA and head coach of the USA Men’s National Team; Lloy Ball, four-time Olympian with USA Volleyball, 2008 Gold Medalist, and owner of Team Pineapple Volleyball Club; Paul Tashima, UBS Managing Partner; Kelly Goodsel, Viking Plastics CEO and high school volleyball coach; Marin Gjaja, Boston Consulting Group Managing Partner. Wade Garard, the MotorMVB Foundation’s CEO, has had a successful career as a fundraiser working with college and university campuses. The Foundation was established in late 2016 and has begun a 10-year campaign to grow the game.

“We have launched the effort at a great time for our sport in general. It is exciting to see the growth as girls and boys and women and men of all ages are participating in volleyball in record numbers. With a professionally run foundation led by an incredible board, I believe we are now aligned and positioned to be successful in adding more DI-II men’s college programs,” said MotorMVB Foundation Chairman John Speraw. “There is a direct correlation between the success of the MotorMVB campaign and winning more international and Olympic medals in 2024, 2028 and beyond. There is also a direct correlation between the success of our campaign and more boys participating in youth, club and high school volleyball.”

In April, the AVCA surveyed the membership about men’s volleyball: 90% agreed that growth in college men’s programs is important to the future of volleyball in the U.S; 76% felt that a dedicated effort could produce new programs at the Division I and Division II level and 82% believed the AVCA should invest time and resources in the initiative.

“Our members were clear that the AVCA should act,” said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer. “The addition of a men’s scholarship program at Division II’s Daemon College and the elimination of the men’s team at Division II Cal Baptist in the same week give reason for hope while also creating a sense of urgency. We must protect the programs we have and adopt a laser focus on identifying the institutions where a men’s team adds value to the campus.”

The AVCA will be listed as the sponsor of the Triple Block Society by MotorMVB, a designated giving level for donors of $100,000 – $250,000.

“The AVCA continues to play a leadership role in volleyball, and this commitment to MotorMVB is much appreciated,” said Garard. “Thanks to the AVCA and all of our existing and future donors, more young people will have access to opportunities and scholarships. We believe there is nothing more important than providing opportunities for young people to grow and develop.”

For more information on MotorMVB and to make a gift or pledge, visit their website here: http://www.motormvb.com/

About AVCA
The AVCA, with its headquarters in Lexington, Ky., is managed by Associations International. The mission of the AVCA is to advance the sport of volleyball with AVCA coaches at the epicenter of leadership, advocacy and professional development. With a membership of over 7,000 and counting, the AVCA provides a professional network for those individuals and companies dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport. Members include collegiate, high school, club, youth and Olympic coaches, as well as volleyball club directors. The AVCA provides education to volleyball coaches, recognition of elite players and coaches, promotion of volleyball competitions throughout the world, and networking opportunities for volleyball products and services providers. Further information is available at www.avca.org.

About MotorMVB
MotorMVB, The Campaign to Drive Growth of Boys’ and Men’s Volleyball, is an effort chaired by John Speraw, Head Coach of the US Men’s National Team and the UCLA Head Coach, and was launched in order to Make Opportunities and Transform Our Reach.
The destination of philanthropic support to the campaign is the MotorMVB Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit organization established to expand educational opportunities at colleges and universities so student-athletes can receive scholarships, compete on the court, get a college education and grow as leaders.

Further information on how you can make a difference is available at www.MotorMVB.com.

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