Life University Announces the Addition of Men’s Volleyball

By October 16, 2017News

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MARIETTA, Ga. – Beginning in 2018-19, men’s volleyball will be the 18th varsity program sponsored by Life University, Director of Athletics Jayme Pendergast announced.

Life U joins 37 other NAIA schools that sponsor men’s volleyball and joins Brewton-Parker College as the second NAIA school in the state of Georgia to add the sport. Fellow Mid-South Conference institution Campbellsville University already sponsors men’s volleyball, and Cumberland University has announced the addition of the sport to begin in 2018-19.  Life U has the chance to be on the front side of history, as men’s volleyball will become a national championship sport once 40 colleges declare their intention of sponsoring the sport.

In addition, it was announced that a $20,000 grant from the MotorMVB Foundation was attained to aid in the establishment of Life U’s program. The MotorMVB Foundation ( is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to stimulate the growth of boys’ and men’s volleyball at all levels in the United States. While there are presently 188 collegiate programs nationwide, the organization’s goal is to help fund an increase to 380 programs by the start of the 2026-27 academic year. The foundation’s $20,000 grant will be dispersed over a two-year period.

“Thanks to the generosity of passionate volleyball donors all over the country, we are thrilled to provide support to Life University athletics as they announce adding men’s volleyball.  Jayme Pendergast, Coach Wilcosky and the leadership at Life University have really impressed us and we are convinced that Life’s new men’s volleyball program will thrive for many years to come,” said Wade Garard CEO of the MotorMVB Foundation. “Our foundation board chairman John Speraw always says there is nothing more important than providing opportunities for the young people of this country.  We are pleased to be able to help do this for young men in Georgia and from around the country who will come to Life U and enjoy a meaningful student-athlete experience.”

“It is exciting to see the growth of collegiate men’s volleyball at the NAIA level,” said John Speraw, Head Coach of the US Men’s National volleyball team and Chairman of the Board of the MotorMVB Foundation.  “With the addition of Life University and Cumberland University as the 37th and 38th NAIA schools to add, it appears we will surpass 40 schools soon and have the opportunity for men’s volleyball to become a NAIA Championship sport.”

“We are excited to be adding men’s volleyball to our growing number of varsity sports offerings,” Pendergast said. “Volleyball is now the #1 sport in America for females and is currently the second fastest growing youth sport for boys. It is also growing rapidly at the NAIA level.  MotorMVB has been a great partner in making this a reality, and I want to thank them for not only supporting Life University but the growth of men’s volleyball nationally.”

“I am beyond excited that Life University has committed to bringing men’s volleyball to our athletic department,” Women’s Volleyball head coach Steve Wilcosky said. “I am particularly biased as it was and is such a tremendous part of my life. We are in a geographically attractive area with great men’s programs around us. This will continue to push the Life U mission as well as give more young men the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.”

Men’s volleyball joins women’s lacrosse as one of two new sports to be added during the 2018-19 academic year. LIFE will begin a national search for a head coach of their men’s volleyball program.

A national search for the first head coach will begin immediately. For questions or additional information, please contact Steve Wilcosky.

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