MotorMVB’s Mid-Season Fan Campaign

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Why Super Fans Kelly and Pat Goodsel decided to match contributions

Mid-season rally
During a MotorMVB Foundation volunteer conference call, Kelly Goodsel mentioned how this time of year is so exciting because it is mid-season in high school boys, club, professional and college men’s volleyball.  He suggested this is a great time to support the game, while the game is actively being played. This led to the development of MotorMVB’s Mid-Season Fan Campaign. And who better to feature in the Mid-Season Fan Campaign than SuperFans Kelly and Pat Goodsel who traveled to watch more than 80 volleyball matches/weekends in 2017?  With four kids that play and seemingly not having enough volley to watch, the Goodsels decided they wanted to do more to help grow the game.  The Goodsels have offered to match contributions to MotorMVB Foundation by giving $.25 for every dollar given between now and March 15, 2018.

Background: What is MotorMVB?
In May of 2016, John Speraw and Wade Garard were having coffee together and discussing men’s volleyball. Wade asked John why can’t men’s volleyball be bigger in Division I and II. John replied by saying, “I’m sick of not competing for it.”  In that moment, they decided to launch an intentional and professional campaign to grow the game of men’s collegiate volleyball. Wade and John began interviewing athletics directors, donors, sponsors and coaches to understand how to best lead this effort. Six months after that initial conversation, they started a nonprofit foundation – MotorMVB Foundation, Inc. dedicated to driving growth of boys’ and men’s volleyball in America. Wade was introduced to Kelly Goodsel by former Ball State coach Steve Shondell.  Wade paid Kelly a visit in NW Pennsylvania and Kelly stepped up.  Now led by a blue-ribbon board of directors including Speraw and Goodsel and a professional staff led by Garard, the MotorMVB Foundation has launched a three pronged campaign: (1) Capital Campaign (philanthropy accelerates decisions to add MVB, (2)  Advocacy Campaign (educating and persuading ADs and high school athletics associations on the merits of boys’ and men’s volleyball, and (3) Awareness Campaign (reaching families and young boys to encourage them to pick-up the sport of volleyball.)

Who is Kelly Goodsel?
Kelly Goodsel is a member of the MotorMVB leadership team serving as a volunteer director of the Foundation board and it’s treasurer. During the day, he is CEO of Viking Plastics. By night, he is volleyball’s number one fan.  Kelly has four kids that play volleyball. His oldest daughter, Brooklyn, is a senior opposite hitter on the Ball State University women’s volleyball team. JP plays at Penn State-Behrend. Austin is in high school and through club ball has competed at Junior Olympics/boys junior nationals and in the High Performance program. Finally, Meg plays for Niagara Frontier Volleyball Club and for Corry High School.  Kelly and his wife Pat (who played in college) went to over 80 volleyball matches/weekend tournaments in 2017.  And yet somehow Kelly has time to be the head coach of Corry High School (PA) girls volleyball team – a team that won the Pennsylvania state championship in 2016. And Pat coaches middle school ball and a volleytots program in Corry as well.  

What we are trying to accomplish?
We believe that nothing is more important than providing opportunities for young people.  We recognize that people grow, develop, and mature through their participation in volleyball. This idea led us to create a Midseason Campaign fundraising drive. Your contribution will provide more opportunities for boys and men to grow through this sport. Proceeds will be used to provide grants to colleges and universities who commit to starting new volleyball teams. It will also be used to call on athletics directors and high school athletics associations to promote boy’s and men’s volleyball. Since MotorMVB’s founding in 2016, there have been 29 new varsity college volleyball teams added or announced for a total of 216 college varsity men’s volleyball programs which is a 15% increase in just two years.  New programs in Division III has grown by 23% and new programs added in NAIA has grown by 17% in the last two years. MotorMVB anticipates Division I and Division II growth to follow.

Fans fuel the game
The energy and enthusiasm around the sport of volleyball comes from the people who watch and cheer.  Fans love volleyball and MotorMVB loves volleyball fans. From parents who drive and fly their kids to matches, to former players who give back to the game by coaching kids, to college loyalists who show up and support their favorite teams or grandparents that catch the action on live-stream,  it is fans that provide and maintain the momentum of our sport. Fans ultimately drive the growth of men’s volleyball.  

So we ask that if you are a fan of the game that you demonstrate that support by responding to Kelly and Pat Goodsel’s challenge and make a contribution to MotorMVB Foundation, Inc. today.  

Click here FanCampaignDonateNow to contribute to our mid-season campaign and the Goodsels will contribute $.25 for every $1 you give before March 15, 2018.  

– Written by Kylie Leonard; Map by Chao Wang

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